Questions that we are frequently asked at God's Pedal Power Ministry

Can anybody volunteer to help GPPM or do I need to be associated with a particular church or organization?
GPPM is a non-denominational organization with volunteers from area churches, corporations, and various organizations throughout the community.  Anybody with a sincere desire to help is welcome.

Do I have to be a bicycle mechanic to help?
No.  A lot of our volunteers had little or no mechanical experience when they started.  Our experienced volunteers will show you the ropes by starting you off with more basic repairs.  Also, there are several tasks that don't require mechanical experience such as organizing, helping at giveaways, clerical, PR, etc... 

Are my donations tax deductible?
Yes.  God's Pedal Power Ministry operates under the 501c3 wing of the University Baptist Church.  Make your checks payable to "God's Pedal Power Ministry".  You will receive a receipt for your tax records.

What is the quality of the bikes that are given away?  Are they new bikes?
Occasionally, due to some corporate sponsorships, new bikes are given away.  Typically, the bikes are used bikes or bike parts that have been assembled and repaired by our volunteers.  Handgrips, tires, tubes, seats, brakes, and spokes are examples of what is typically replaced or repaired.  Volunteers have a primary focus of taking donated bikes and making them safe and operational.  Our recipients, who couldn't afford a bike otherwise, appreciate the bikes they receive.  For some, it is their first bike.  GPPM is not a substitute for Wal-Mart.

What if a child is unable to ride a bike?
We do not give away bikes to children under the age of 6 and we do not provide training wheels.

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