How to get help from God's Pedal Power Ministry

Bike application process effective 11/17/2011:

  1. You must have a referral such as a church, school, case worker, social worker, employer, police or sheriff department, non-profit organization, state agency etc.

  2. Referring person must complete an application and mail it to University Baptist Church, 2121 E. 131st Ave, Tampa, FL 33612.  The referring person must include their name, phone and organization.

  3. Upon receipt of the application, a God’s Pedal Power Ministry volunteer will add the applicant's name to the waiting list.  The post mark will be used to determine the waiting list order.

  4. When a bike is available, a God’s Pedal Power volunteer will call the applicant and arrange for them to pick up a bike.  If the applicant does not have a phone number, the referring person will be contacted.

  5. The applicant must be present and have an ID to pick up a bike.

  6. Bikes are not given out to children under age 6.  We do not have bikes with training wheels.

  7. When available, a lock and chain will be given with each bike.  If stolen, the recipient must submit a police report before being put back at the end of the waiting list.

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